A simpler smarter blockchain-based fundraising platform for science, open-source and non-profit organizations


Raise funds from your core supporters


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Welcome to the new fundraising era

ICOICO is your new weapon for mass fundraising. Connect with your backers in an unprecedented way:

  • Raise funds in a structured and transparent campaign
  • Build your brand with loyalty programs
  • Give back perks and thank you gifts to your supporters
  • Strengthen your network
  • Structure non-monetary programs to promote your values
  • Instantly deploy incentive programs for your developers, members and users

All by using the power of blockchain to transact in a immediate, distributed, immutable and auditable way.


Get started in 5 simple steps

Keep your fundraising simple, transparent and secure with ICOICO's coin offering launch platform.

Setup your profile, choose the token type that best matches your needs, upload your marketing materials or white-paper and pick your fundraising campaign launch date. You're all set to start advertising your fundraising ICO to potential backers. All powered by Etherereum contracts using blockchain technology.

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Secure, standard, and easily auditable



Easily and securely fundraise from your distributed network of supporters through the issuance of blockchain tokens. ICOICO blockchain tokens are digital assets that can be customized to represent anything you may want to give back to your support community.

  • Our platform guides you to create the token program that best matches your mission, fundraising goals and community.

  • Tokens issued on ICOICO are standardized, liquid and transferable within the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.
  • ICOICO tokens are ERC-20 compliant, which means they are supported by nearly all wallets that support Ether.
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Choose the type of token that best matches your organization's mission, funding needs and the community that supports you.


ICOICO tokens come in three flavors

ICOICO blockchain tokens are digital assets that can be customized to represent anything you may want to give back to your support community:

  • loyalty points and perks
  • premium access to services, events, or content
  • any form of consumable value or future utility on your platform
  • or simply a registered “thank you note”


Protocol Tokens let you create incentive programs and rewards systems within your network. Ideal for projects featuring strong network effects and an underlying economy.
Protocol tokens will let your organization:
  • Create an incentive system with a rewards mechanism within your network.
  • Attach tangible consumptive value to your tokens on your platform.


Donation Tokens  are designed to say thank you in a fully customizable way.
Donation tokens allow science, open source and non-profit foundations to:
  • Build your brand and strengthen your community.
  • Structure non-monetary programs to promote your values.
  • You decide what to give back to your backers, even if it's just a "thank you" note.

Universal Tokens of Appreciation - UTOA

Launching Nov 2017

Universal Tokens of Appreciation ("UTOA" tokens) offer simplicity, speed and robustness. UTOA are ICOICO's standard tokens, designed to be liquid and valuable across a growing network of partners.
  • leverage the power of ICOs without managing your own token program.  out-of-the box, ready to use universal token for fundraising purposes.
  • UTOAs can be redeemed as coupons and discounts throughout our growing network of partners. 

Contact us at [email protected] to get started with your blockchain fundraising campaign.


ICOICO provides liquidity where it's most needed though the use of blockchain technology.  

The technology behind ICOICO


Blockchain and its application through “initial coin offerings” (ICOs or “token issuances” for short) are transforming how startups fundraise.

Since 2013 - when the first ICO was launched - more than 1,000 organizations, mostly operating in the blockchain space, have funded their projects through the issuance of blockchain tokens. Collectively they have raised an astonishing $1.65B, with $1.35B alone in 2017 so far.

ICOICO brings coin offering technology to the non-for-profit sector, making it available to foundations, consortiums and other non-profit organizations through a secure and user-friendly platform.

ICOICO’s platform lets you maximize the funds raised while increasing non-tangible value for your supporters.

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