the icoico token test

Should you launch an ICO?


The icoico Token Test ("ITT") helps you and your users understand if an ICO is right for you. The higher the ITT score, the higher chances of long-term success for your ICO and ultimately your tokens and your product.

A higher score indicates that an ICO is a good fit for your product and users. If the score is low, it probably means you should consider alternative ways of engaging your users and raising capital.
1 Are the tokens essential to the core function of your technology?
2 Will the value of every single token increase as the network of your product users grows?
3 Will the tokens enable an action on platform? in other words, do they have consumptive value on platform?
4 Is the base technology running already? or at least built?
5 Is your company uniquely positioned as a first-mover? Does it have winner-takes-all potential?
6 The intended market users of your tokens, do they have access to the necessary infrastructure to access and use them?
7 Does you team have a prolific history of building and developing technologies?


TIPS for launching a successful ICO

  • Place integrity above profits
  • Provide transparency wherever possible, communicate clearly
  • Set ambitious goals, hire the smartest people
  • Think and act about the product from the perspective of the average token holder, you are the largest one
  • Take the ethical high road
  • Analyze everything rigorously
  • Don't be greedy, run a caped and tranched ICO
  • Do your homework, make sure your organization structure responds to the needs of your product and backers