Blockchain and the ICO revolution

Our mission is to provide liquidity where it's most needed though the use of blockchain technology.  

Blockchain technology and its application through initial coin offerings (or ICOs) is revolutionary because it allows us to blur the lines between company managers, shareholders and customers in an unprecedented way. Tokens (or "cryptocurrencies" or "coins") have the power to minimize the traditional agency and fiduciary tensions between stakeholders, because they all become one and the same: token holders. Our mission is to standardize the ICO process and facilitate the adoption of this new approach to building great, long-lasting products and companies. 


The ICOICO Token Fund

Our mission is to help companies connect with their backers through an easily managed and secure token program. By using the icoico platform, ICO launching organizations will contribute 3% of their raised funds to the ICOICO Token Fund,  1% in Ether and 2% in their issued tokens. In exchange, they will automatically receive a rebate for 0.5% of the tokens in the form of our ITF tokens (ITF stands for "ICOICO Token Fund") . With this structure we hope to create and incentivize a growing community of blockchain organizations and users that benefit from each others' success. 


ITF tokens

ITF ("ICOICO Token Fund") tokens are asset backed by the ICOICO Token Fund, which is a growing pool of tokens, 1/3 made up of Ether and 2/3 made up of the tokens issued through our platform. 

ITF tokens are created via two mechanisms:

  1. With each new ICO run on the platform: we will automatically issue the equivalent of 0.5% of the raised funds in the form of ITF tokens, at the current market valuation or the valuation provided by the next scheduled icoico ITF issuance, whichever is higher. In return the token fund will grow by 3% of the ICO's raised funds.
  2. With each scheduled icoico coin offering according to the schedule below.


A multistaged ICO for icoico

We are running our token program as a multi-staged ("tranched") ICO. The purpose is to offer more uniform risk-adjusted returns to our backers as we hit our milestones.  Over the next 6 months we will conduct 4 coin offerings (ICO tranches), each linked to a set of milestones, starting with our initial coin offering in July 2017. As progress unfolds we might update the timeline and milestones of future tranches to provide as much transparency as possible into our development plan:

Date Coin Offering Tokens Offered Min Token Price (USD) Milstone
July 2017 Initial Coin Offering 500,000 1 Platform Launch by Aug 2017
August 2017 2nd Coin Offering 1,500,000 1.5 Market Fit by Oct 2017
October 2017 3rd Coin Offering 1,500,000 2.5 Traction by Dec 2017
December 2017 4rd Coin Offering 3,000,000 3 Expansion TBD